My Rules:
| Anime/Manga I create | :
- Naruto
- One Piece
- Fairy Tail
- Bleach
- Fate series
- Attack on Titan
- Tokyo Ghoul

(more Anime/Manga will come)

[Absolute No-Go] :
- Guro
- Loli
- Animal sex
My Pricelist (approximate):
100 Extra Votes:
Solo (masturb.)/ 1 Couple (male-female)
175 Extra Votes:
Threesome or Gangbang (max. 2 female and unlimited males)
250 Extra Votes:
Extreme gangbang (max. 3 females and unlimited males)
295 Extra Votes:
Extreme gangbang + (max. 4 females and unlimited males/ for every additional female + 45 EV)
340 Extra Votes:
Extreme gangbang ++ (max. 5 females and unlimited males)
385 Extra Votes:
Extreme gangbang +++ (max. 6 females and unlimited males)

My Active Requests at WHentai:

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Ren from night shift nurses barefoot shaved and doing a sexy pose with her feet.
Ren Nanase Arts by: KenShinKenShin Idea by: Minerjack69 Added: 2017-11-06 23:13:16
Discussion: (4 comments )
Makoto Niijima - blowjob; as discussed in the e-mail.
Makoto Niijima Arts by: KenShinKenShin Idea by: LastAce Added: 2017-10-28 15:52:36
We Sound The Same?: Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail) and Makoto Niijima (Persona 5) wearing this (Image ) different colors than the other. Panel 1: Lucy getting anal fucked from behind while Makoto rides a random cowgirl style. Lucy still wearing her shorts with her thong showing and Makoto with her breasts hanging out of her shirt. Panel 2: Lucy giving a titfuck and getting cummed on while Makoto gives an assjob and cummed on. Lucy with her tits hanging out of her shirt and Makoto with her shorts still on and her panties showing. Panel 3: Lucy and Makoto (Waist up) getting massive facials from the randoms. Tits out pressing together.
Makoto  Niijima Lucy Heartfilia Arts by: KenShinKenShin Idea by: Mac Added: 2017-10-28 15:43:41
Makoto Niijima from Persona 5 in her swimwear ( Image ) sucking hungrily on a large cock (maybe this guy's - Image ) at the beach. Your choice of angle; but I'd love her feet to be visible. If she's barefoot, it'd be cool if you showed her sandals nearby (as if she took them off to get comfortable) - or she can still be in them. Artist's choice! :)
Makoto Niijima Beach Arts by: KenShinKenShin Idea by: LastAce Added: 2017-08-07 23:33:02